Premortems: Plan for the worst so you can avoid it

We all have found ourselves in situations where a business plan failed and we asked ourselves “how did we get to this point?” or “what were we thinking?” and wished that we had the chance to do it all over again. This happens more often than not, especially when executives or teams get excited about… Read More

Outbound Prospecting: 2 reasons why it still matters in an Inbound Marketing world

While an increasing number of high-tech companies have been perfecting the art of getting found on the Internet via the use of Inbound Marketing techniques, there are situations where it makes sense to do outbound prospecting via email campaigns, cold calling and appointment setting. There are two main reasons for that: 1 – Outbound prospecting can generate leads… Read More

Measuring SaaS Performance: 5 Must-Read Resources

During the preparation for a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business plan, I researched and studied documents written in the last 2 years that described the best practices in understanding, measuring and optimizing the performance of SaaS businesses. The intent of this post is to list the resources that I found most informative and useful. Prospective SaaS executives need to learn and thoroughly… Read More

You Need A Content Czar to Succeed in Inbound Marketing

The promise of Inbound Marketing In the internet era, the traditional outbound marketing campaigns based on user lists, email blasts, telemarketing, advertising, PR, etc, have become less effective in generating meaningful leads. Most folks don’t want to be bothered with unsolicited calls or email and now instinctively turn to their favorite search engine when looking for a… Read More

Sales Playbook 2.0

I just stumbled across a collection of old sales playbooks and noticed how they were covered in dust. Obviously, it was a long time since someone consulted them and I wonder if the sales team members ever used them after getting trained at the sales kick-off. What a contrast with the continuous referencing to our… Read More