For 20 years, I have defined and implemented corporate and go-to-market strategies for high-tech companies that significantly increased revenue and shareholder value. I bring a unique ability to understand market dynamics and develop business strategies and sales programs that deliver results.

My areas of expertise include:

Strategic Business Planning

  • Business Model Innovation and Design: Analysis of current business model across its main dimensions (from revenue and engagement model to cost structure) incl. detailed SWOT analysis; design of future business model and elaboration of new company strategy for game-changing results.
  • Definition of Company Vision and Mission: Management team workshop to help elaborate or revise the company’s vision (“to be”) and mission (“to do”) and clarify the company direction to both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Setting and Management of Corporate Objectives: Implementation of a system of participative goals setting throughout the entire organization.  Improves communication, fosters alignment of efforts while increasing job satisfaction and personal commitment of employees.

Go-to-Market Strategy

  • GTM Analysis and Strategy: Development of strategies and tactics to help a company grow in new products and markets. Includes market definition and sizing; analysis of customer needs and buying behaviors; sales strategy; competitive strategy.
  • Benchmarking and best-in-class analysis: Provide recommendations on ways to improve functional performance (such as salesforce org model, sales support systems, HR, …), by leveraging best-in-class practices from peer and out-of-industry companies.
  • Definition of Success Measurements: Identification of the right measurements of success for the various GTM initiatives and at a corporate level. Setting of success targets for short, medium and long term. 

Marketing Strategy

  • Product Positioning and Messaging: Development of a unique value proposition and of a resulting message map, that formulates the core messaging and consistent voice for all the company’s sales and marketing materials.
  • Demand Generation Strategy and Planning: Analysis and determination of what lead generation strategies are best suited for a given product or company.  Expert support for planning and development of relevant inbound and/or outbound lead generation campaigns.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy: Formulation of strategy to optimize web presence, including corporate website, blog and social media. Design of elegant, professional and remarkable websites that promote thought leadership and maximize customer engagement.

Sales Management

  • Implementation of Sales and Forecasting Process: Development of a detailed system that guides the sales team along established best practices at every stage of the sales cycle, and that tells them what to do, when and how to do it, in order to achieve consistent success and ensure accurate forecasting.
  • Development of Sales Training Program: Formulation of custom sales training curriculum and playbook that will ensure that the sales team will possess the necessary attitude, skills and knowledge to best represent your company and stand out from the competition.
  • Sales Talent Assessment: Inventory of elements needed to be successful in the specific sales roles. Evaluation of the sales team members along those elements of success and gap analysis.  Elaboration of plan to address the gaps in the sales team to fundamentally improve the sales performance.

Business Development

  • Business Development Strategy: Analysis of business development needs or opportunities to complete a company’s solution, expand its revenue sources and partner with possible future acquirers.  Spanning from technical partnerships to reseller opportunities or OEMs. Identification of best possible partner targets and formulation of business development strategy.
  • Development of Partner Support Program: Development of a partner enablement program program for continuous training and support of partners. The program includes the development of a training curriculum and the planning of an online support system.
  • Execution of Business Development Plan: Execution of the plan to pursue the objectives set by the business development strategy and help the company extend its reach via the establishment of strategic and/or tactical partnerships.

Corporate Management

  • Recruitment of Management Team Members: Capacity, expertise and passion to identify and qualify proven and emerging leaders and engage them around the common vision of building a company that can become the best in its own market. 
  • P/L Management and Corporate Financing: Thorough understanding of financial drivers, goals and constraints to help develop and tune the corporate strategy and execute business decisions that support growth while minimizing risk. Familiarity with financing marketplace helped raise over $60m in equity and debt financing over the years.
  • Corporate Culture and Social Responsibility: Promotion of a highly collaborative, open and values-centered culture that becomes the visible personality of the company. Engagement of management and employees to discuss, define and document the company’s core values. Development of ‘Culture Code’ and upgrade of HR processes for regular discussions and reviews.