Enter the Digital Risk Officer

View original article published on Dark Reading (InformationWeek) In the brave new world of digital risk management, a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) would report up to a Digital Risk Officer (DRO) who manages risk from a business perspective and works with peers in business ops, compliance, and IT security. The business processes in the enterprise and… Read More

2014 SaaS Survey – Part 2: 10 More Takeaways

In the previous article, I highlighted 10 findings from Part 1 of the 2014 SaaS survey led by Pacific Crest, in partnership with David Skok of Matrix Partners and the research team at Openview Partners. This article presents 10 more takeaways from Part 2 of the survey.  For full results, please visit David Skok’s blog.  … Read More

2014 SaaS Survey – Part1: 10 Takeaways

306 SaaS companies have been surveyed this year by Pacific Crest, a leading investment banking firm that focuses on SaaS, who partnered with David Skok of Matrix Partners and the research team at Openview Partners to publish the results. This is the largest survey conducted to date and the findings provide good benchmarking data for other SaaS… Read More


Perfecting Enterprise SaaS: Interview with Chris Pick, CMO at Apptio

The classical enterprise software model seems to have gone out of favor with many investors, as it is associated with high upfront costs, long sales cycles, lumpy revenues, lengthy delivery – which make it very difficult and costly to scale. Yet, some software companies have been re-defining the enterprise software model and are experiencing strong growth. I… Read More

Measuring SaaS Performance: 5 Must-Read Resources

During the preparation for a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business plan, I researched and studied documents written in the last 2 years that described the best practices in understanding, measuring and optimizing the performance of SaaS businesses. The intent of this post is to list the resources that I found most informative and useful. Prospective SaaS executives need to learn and thoroughly… Read More

Sales Playbook 2.0

I just stumbled across a collection of old sales playbooks and noticed how they were covered in dust. Obviously, it was a long time since someone consulted them and I wonder if the sales team members ever used them after getting trained at the sales kick-off. What a contrast with the continuous referencing to our… Read More