Here is what some of my former backers or colleagues have to say about me.

Nick Pike, VP EMEA

Nicola is an exceptional leader and CEO. He combines a strategic understanding and the sense of purpose required to drive a growth business, with a very inclusive approach to management. Nicola is a hands on CEO prepared to roll his sleeves up and assist winning business, frequently making the difference for us in front of… Read More

Tony Gilbert, VP of Sales

Our company’s mission was to build a new market category and disrupt the status quo. Nicola decisively led the organization, allowed us to believe and that belief turned into results. Nicola’s innate strengths; analytical skills, high-intellect, tenacity, clear communication, and respect for the individual truly motivated the team to produce and as we called it, “defy gravity.”… Read More

Kristine Kennedy, CEO Select Business Solutions

Nicola is an exceptional leader who was a pleasure to work with. He has extensive expertise in the global software industry. He has a unique ability to capture both growth and profitability. He is a wonderful manager and able to bring out the best in those that work for and with him. He is a… Read More

Wayne Jackson, CEO at Sonatype, Chairman at Netuitive

Nick is a driven, market-focused entrepreneur with remarkable accomplishments in the enterprise arena. He has proven that he can compete with the ‘big guys’ and come out a winner in the most prestigious accounts in the technology landscape.

Daniel Heimlich, Marketing VP & Consultant

Nicola is a gifted leader. He knows how to galvanize an organization behind a strategy so that every employee is aligned (enthusiastically!) behind the objectives. What’s more, he is a stickler about the execution process and success metrics. He is great at getting people motivated behind a big idea and then assuring that the job… Read More